Wednesday, 6 April 2016

FREEDOM TO DOUBT by Charles Shingledecker

Freedom to DoubtFreedom to Doubt by Charles Shingledecker
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: In his second book, Charles Shingledecker goes beyond The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy \[his first book] to look at the issues confronting all traditions of Christianity. He accompanies fellow believers on an entertaining and informative journey through the Bible, Church history, and the nature of Christian belief.

Narrow is The Way, Jesus said. It is a hazardous path, too, lined with obstacles and roadblocks that lurk in the shadows of naive fundamentalism. Chuck has bumped into many rough spots, surprised at the difficulties he never saw coming in a simplistic faith but also fascinated by the nuances of a more authentic one. Now he offers a candle to help light the way for others, to provide some comfort for those troubled Christians who feel isolated and alone in their doubts.

Chuck has discovered that the life of a Christian need not be plagued by guilt and fear. In this book, he shares his hard-won conclusion, that faith can and should be filled with the freedom to ask tough questions, the freedom to seek truth, and, yes, the Freedom to Doubt.

MY REVIEW: An excellent, radically honest, look at some of the troubling questions that thinking Christians struggle with — and that the author doesn’t resolve. This is not an apologetic book filled with contrived justifications, convoluted reasoning, or simplistic advice to bolster up preconceived beliefs. Shingledecker (what a great name!) is happy to have his readers honestly stare into the face of doubt and embrace it as an essential characteristic of faith. The author writes engagingly, transparently, with warmth and humour along with a deep understanding, drawn from his own experience, to wisely guide the doubting believer. This is a must read for anyone willing to be honest about the difficulties of faith or who has been burdened with guilt by believers who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of doubt. An excellent read and highly recommended — even for non-believers in Christianity!

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